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About Ana Banana Fishing Company

A fire burns inside us! We wake up every morning before the sun comes up looking out our window towards Tampa’s gorgeous bay. We automatically start evaluating what Mother Nature has in store for our clients today. We look at the wind/wave speed and direction, the air and water temperature, tide times and lunar phase, barometer and pressure systems, and weather forecast on Bay News 9. I guess we’re obsessed with fish.


Ana Banana Fishing Company is on the water 300 days per year. Ana Banana Fishing Company fishes primarily with live bait on light tackle inshore in Tampa Bay and live bait on heavy tackle offshore in the Gulf of Mexico.


A captain is as good as his bait. A captain can have all the best secret fishing holes in the world, but if he doesn’t have the right bait, he won’t catch fish. We typically cast net our bait daily. We give our anglers the choice of going with us, to experience the bait netting process or starting the charter with bait in the live well prior to pick up. Most anglers choose to get bait with us, especially since the bait is normally netted quickly and is caught on the way to our fishing spots in Tampa Bay and Gulf of Mexico waters. We get a lot of bait, because we chum a lot. It’s our belief, that most of the time, for every fish that’s caught on a lure, ten would have been caught while using live bait. It’s hard to fool Mother Nature.


Other than keeping you healthy and happy, our mission is to target the kind of fish that YOU want to catch. We’ll ask you a series of questions, such as, is their a certain species that you have on your bucket list or do you just want your rod to bend and your drag to scream? What’s your fishing experience? Are you planning on releasing your fish or harvesting some for table fare? For the anglers who want to keep your fish to eat, your charter fee includes fish fileting and bagging. Your charter fee also includes a free hook n cook where we port at Hooks Waterfront Bar and Grill located in Little Harbor Resort in Ruskin Fl. You hook em, we cook em! Your meal will include two free side orders of your choice, the only thing not included is your drinks and server gratuity.


Ana Banana Fishing Company was established in 2001. After almost 20 years as an executive in the funeral, cemetery, and crematory industry with a Fortune 500 company on the New York Stock Exchange, I discovered due to the nature of my business, that life was to short to not do exactly what you wanted to do. Over a decade ago, I ask myself, if I hit the lottery, what would I want to do with the rest of my life. The answer was very easy. I would have a comfortable place on the water for us to raise our kids and grow old together, and I would fish every day. Well, we still haven’t hit the lottery, but we act as if we did. We have a family business. My wife Ana, manages Hooks Waterfront Bar and Grill. My 15 yr old son Joseph, has been my first mate since he was 5 yrs old, handles a lot of our marketing and is the author of two child fishing books, called “I Love to Fish” and “I Love to Fish Cobia Campfire”. Our 10 yr old daughter Brooke is first mate in training and loves to fish and has landed many trophy fish. Ana’s brother Hugo is our administrator, social media marketer, and Uncle Hugo is also the cook, and the babysitter, we couldn’t do it without him. Ana Banana Fishing Company is a well oiled machine and we truly care.


Ana Banana Fishing Company has over 100 five star reviews. It’s easy to take you out on a charter the first time, our goal is for you to choose us again and again. We want you to be a frequent flier and include us on your holiday calendar year after year. We pay attention to details, such as restroom accommodations in all of our boats, cup holders built into the gunnels beside the rod holders to put your drink when your rod bends, skid grip on the floors and gunnels, shade in the front and back. Over 75% of our business comes from repeat anglers and referrals from past anglers. In 2013 we celebrated over 10,000 anglers who have fished with Ana Banana Fishing Co. This year we’ll celebrate our 10 year anniversary as a Charter Service at Little Harbor Resort. As a Charter Captain, Past Honorary Mayor of Apollo Beach, and most importantly a family man, our reputation in the community and abroad has given us the privilege to meet and fish with some very unique people.


Check out the list of celebrities that have fished with Ana Banana Fishing Co.


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