• Balance of charter is due 14 days prior to your scheduled booking(s). Which will be ran on the credit card on file. Full payment is due for charters booked within one week of scheduled booking date.
  • Cancellation for daily charters:
    30 days or more, full refund
    15-29 days, we will issue you a gift certificate to be used at a later date with no expiration date.
    1-14 days, no refund and full payment is required.
  • No GPS capable devices, including but not limited to the Navionics app or Garmin InReach, that track our location are allowed onboard. If found in use the charter will be terminated and full payment still required. GPS numbers (our fishing spots) is how we make our living and we cannot afford for the numbers to get out
  • When booking your charter you are booking your day to go fishing. We understand sometimes you may want to go offshore but the conditions are not favorable for that so our policy is to rebook it to a later date or book it to a Reef/Wreck/Bay trip.
  • Mechanical issues:
    Even though mechanical issues are rare, they do happen from time to time. Payment is only required for the duration that was spent fishing before the mechanical issue. We will also try and get you out on one of our other boats (if possible) the same day, depending on the timing of the mechanical issue.
  • In the case of sea sickness or weather issues, once the boat has left the dock the full payment is still required for at least the minimum of the 1/2 day rate or 3/4 day rate depending on the duration of trip booked
  • Pandemics, Hurricanes or any other natural occurrences out of both of our control, gift cards will be issued to where both parties
    will not lose any money:
  • Waivers must be signed before the charter for any trips that passengers would like to get into the water, ie sandbar, swimming, etc.
  • Any persons entering the water or participating in fishing activities will be doing so at their own risk and will need to sign the appropriate waivers either at the Marathon location HQ, online, or with your captain.